Compulsory Acquisition


Is a Government body or a private organisation forcibly purchasing your home?  

We won't charge any fees unless we can get you a higher offer than any existing offer. 






Do you have a speeding ticket or problem with your driving licence?  

Have you been charged with a crime or received an AVO? 






Are you buying or selling a property?  

Do you need a lease, or council approval to build something? 




Estates or Wills


Are you the Executor or an Estate?  

Is someone making a claim against the Estate?

Do you need to create or update your Will, Power of Attorney or Appointment of Enduring Guardian? 




Family Law


Do you need to sort out custody arrangements for your children?  

 Do you need to sort out a property split with your ex? 




Other Services  


Do you need a lawyer for something else?  

A sale or purchase of business?

Does someone owe you money?








We offer a free, half hour first interview with no obligations.  

You can tell us about your problem or ask us questions and we will listen to you and answer your questions. 

We are open til 9:00 pm on Tuesday & Thursday nights.  

Our office is conveniently located walking distance from the railway station, and near the CBD and the courthouse.  

We serve real coffee!











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Coode & Corry Solicitors

4 days 11 hours ago

What do you think, should jury members be 'quarantined' from their phones and social media for the duration of the trial?

Coode & Corry Solicitors

1 week 4 days ago

Did you know that if your licence has expired and you haven't renewed it you are a 'novice' driver? This means that if you get pulled over not only are you driving without a licence, but if you have had a drink of alcohol you will also get a licence suspension even if you are under 0.05.