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The business has operated in Penrith since 1977, and we have been at our current office since 1983.  All our staff are local.  We have three solicitors at Coode & Corry – Bruce Coode, Jacinta Watkins & Janis Donnelly-Coode. You may also be assisted by our paralegal Hamish Williams, who is a final year law student. 

In addition to having the expertise to meet your legal or technical needs, we will treat you with respect and will explain everything to you in plain language.

We have a staff member who speaks Spanish – Hablamos Espanol, and some French and Italian.

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Bruce Coode

Bruce Coode was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in February of 1977.  He promptly began practicing as a solicitor in Penrith and has been living and working here ever since.

Bruce’s practice first moved to the current site at 19 The Crescent, Penrith in 1983, it was then known as Coode & Roberts and while Bruce has had some other partners in the business since that time, he has remained at this location assisting clients in Penrith for over 35 years.

Bruce has extensive experience in criminal matters, having commenced his career appearing for clients on serious criminal offences on his first two days as a solicitor.  He has appeared in every Court up to the High Court of Australia, and in a wide variety of criminal matters ranging from driving license matters through to murder and sexual assault matters.  In his nearly 40 years of practise Bruce has assisted a number of men and women who are charged with very serious crimes, and understands both the laws in the area and the stress that his criminal law clients are going through.

Bruce also has extensive experience in property matters, having acted during his career for many individuals purchasing or selling a house, applying to Council for various approvals, or assisting clients who are the subject of a compulsory acquisition.  In addition to working for individual clients in private practice as a solicitor for all that time, he was a legal advisor to three local councils for many years, and has lectured in real estate law at university.  He understands more than just your basic conveyance, and is well equipped to assist you with all aspects of your property transactions.


Bruce and Janis


Jacinta Watkins

Jacinta Watkins started working in a barrister's chambers 1993 and began studying law in 1995.   Earlier in her legal life Jacinta was working with family law clients in the city.  She has dealt with a wide range of family law matters including property disputes, custody disputes, applications for divorce and settling of matters.

From 2001 until 2015 Jacinta worked for a city law firm in their commercial division advising and acting for individuals, businesses and corporate entities.  She was often called upon to prepare or respond to urgent applications, sometimes the same day, in the Supreme Court or called upon to advise on the interplay between the commercial law and family law, while dealing with complex legal matters and upset or distressed people.

After over a decade working in the city Jacinta has decided to give up the commute and move back  to suburban practice, and family law.  Jacinta is passionate about helping every day people with their legal matters.

She is an experienced litigator who is not only more than qualified to understand and investigate your family law property matters, but she also understands that family breakdown is an emotional time.  She will try and make the process as manageable and easy to understand as possible.  She is also well versed in the risks and benefits to children of certain orders or situations, and ready to advise and assist you to either settle your custody disputes with your ex-spouse, or assist you to urgently litigate your matter if orders are needed to protect your children.

As an experienced commercial litigator in the Supreme Court Jacinta is also very helpful in Estate matters.  She understands the nature of Estates including complex Estates, and can help you to make decisions based upon the economic reality of these matters.  While litigation in Estate matters is growing and it is tempting to fight for what is “right” or what the deceased person wanted, Jacinta is an experienced lawyer who is ready to fight your case, but she also understands the cost of litigation both financially and emotionally and can help you to make well informed decisions regarding the administration of Estates and management of litigation or settlement negotiations surrounding Estates.

Hamish Williams

Hamish is a law student doing his final year of his law degree at the University of New England.  He is also working full time at Coode & Corry and began working with us at the end of 2014.

Before then Hamish was at a Barrister's Chambers in Sydney for three  years working as their clerk, and has assisted barristers with drafting of Court Documents, preparation of legal advice or research, and attending Court.  Hamish also worked part time as a paralegal to a Barrister assisting with collating and drafting Court documents. Over this three years he became experienced in dealing with or briefing barristers and also dealing with instructing solicitors or clients.

During his time at Coode & Corry Hamish has become experienced in dealing with family law matters, including briefing our family law barristers, instructing barristers at court, and taking instructions from clients.  Hamish understands that family breakdown is a stressful time for the client, and is very compassionate and patient in his dealings with our clients at Coode & Corry.



Janis Donnelly-Coode

Janis Donnelly-Coode started her legal career at Coode & Corry back in 2000 as a conveyancing clerk, but after working in Penrith for a few years she decided to go and work in the city.

Janis returned to Coode & Corry in 2007 and has remained here ever since, initially working primarily in family law and estate law.

Janis obtained her Bachelor of Commerce (with merit) from the University of Wollongong, and then her Masters of Law and Legal Practice from the University of Technology in Sydney.  She worked as an accountant but decided to commit to law in 2000, she also worked as a lawyer for an insolvency law firm and is well equipped to understand your complex financial Estates or legal matters.

After many years of working in family law in 2015 Janis has cut back to working one day a week and is assisting the other lawyers at Coode & Corry, and working in special projects like talking with high schools and local community groups about domestic violence.