When we read about Australians caught up in problems in overseas countries where the Police have the power to jail people without having to prove properly that the person is guilty of anything or where people don’t get what we all know of as a “fair go” we naturally think that it is very unfair.

It is very important that whoever is making accusations conducts themselves within certain limits in regard to fairness. No matter how serious the allegation might be, if we were to allow Big Brother to punish people without having to first prove properly that the person in fact did anything wrong then we would no longer be a democracy.

Earlier this year the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and the Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority (ASADA) held a press conference in which they made very serious allegations that did great damage to a large number of organizations and individuals in regard to the alleged use of illegal drugs by sportspeople. It is now many months since that press conference was held and we have not seen any evidence brought forward to backup the extraordinary allegations made and there has only been one (1) person charged. That one (1) person has since been cleared absolutely of any wrongdoing.

No-one would support the use of illegal drugs in sport. Surely fairness demands that before reputations are ruined those making accusations should have at least enough accusations should have at least enough real evidence to be able to argue their case. Those that say that the issue is so serious that we should all sit around while Big Brother carries on some sort of trial by media are in many ways doing more damage than any individual who might have taken illegal drugs.