There has been some recent media focused on attempts to stop the government from taking property for the Badgerys Creek Airport.  You can read one of those news articles by following this link:


While all of these compulsory acquisitions tend to get bundled together by the media, some of them are fundamentally different.  In this case for instance the applicants didn't own the land, they had a leasehold interest.  This is very different to owning the property and requires a different legal approach.

It is important that you get legal advice if the government is compulsorily acquiring all or part of your land from a lawyer who is experienced in this area.  There are many different things that need to be taken into account, and some of the grounds for compensation have recently changed, so you need a lawyer who is up to date.


Get legal advice

When property is being purchased, either by a government body such as a local council or the Department of Education, or by a private entity, such as a mining company, it is said that it is being “Acquired”. The buyer will usually try to convince the land owner to only speak to a Valuer and may, if you are lucky, agree to pay the “value” that the Valuer comes up with. If the land owner agrees to this they will almost certainly have undersold their property and have been underpaid.

Bruce Coode

We won’t charge any fees unless we can get you a higher offer than any existing offer.

Bruce is very experienced at helping clients to obtain the maximum money for their property, not just what the valuer offers but there are many other add ons he will fight for.  He can organise for an independent and experienced valuer who understands compulsory acquisition to provide a valuation report for your property.  




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