Overgrown grass can be very annoying, particularly if it is accompanied by various weeds or other pollens that you might be allergic to, but what can you do about it?

Can you force your neighbours to cut their own grass?


If you live in a property estate such as Glenmore Park, Jordan Springs or Waterview then you should check the rules and regulations regarding your neighbourhood plan.  There may well be a requirement about upkeep of front lawns that your local neighbourhood group will enforce.

If you just live in the Penrith City Council area then the problem needs to be more serious than an unkempt lawn before Council will do anything.  If you think your neighbours lawn counts as 'overgrown vegetation' then you could try lodging a complain form with Council, follow the link below to get a copy of the form, but if you lodge it anonymously there is no way to follow up and find out if anything is happening.

If the overgrown lawn includes noxious weeds, for instance Paterson's curse, Lantana or Prickly Pear, then you should check the noxious weed list on the website for Hawkesbury River County Council.  HRCC is the Local Control Authority for all land (terrestrial and aquatic) within the cities of Blacktown, Penrith, Hawkesbury and Hills Shire.  If your neighbour has a noxious weed that they are not controlling, as required by the Act, then contact HRCC.







Pampas Grass

Mother of Millions

Prickly Pear