Thanks to changes in the law made in October 2017 you may now be able to apply to have your licence returned to you if you have been disqualified from driving.  It isn't an automatic thing and the application itself, that is the paperwork, must include any relevant matter that you need the Local Court to take into account in determining your application.  As this is a discretionary thing, that is it is a matter for the Magistrate's discretion, you need advice from an experienced solicitor regarding whether or not you should apply, and what matters the Magistrate will consider important.



So what does it mean?

If you have been 'offence free' for two or four years then you should speak with Bruce about whether it is possible to have your disqualification period removed.  There are a number of factors that the Local Court can take into account, and certain individuals are barred from applying at the outset, but first and foremost you must be 'offence free' for two or four years, depending on the original reason your licence was disqualified.



Bruce Coode

What do I do?

If your licence has been disqualified and you think you have been 'offence free' then come and speak with Bruce Coode.  He has been dealing with driving offences for more than forty years and can give you realistic advice regarding your prospects of success.  The first appointment is free, so if it turns out that nothing can be done then you haven't lost anything.



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