What is the Castlereagh Corridor

Transport NSW has recently announced the corridor for the Bells Line of Road - Castlereagh Connection. The Bells Line of Road – Castlereagh Connection corridor would extend about 45km between Bells Line of Road at Kurrajong Heights and the existing motorway network at the Junction of Richmond Road and the M7 Motorway at Colebee.
This corridor will impact a number of people in the local area, some because their property will be compulsorily acquired, some because they will now be next to a large road, and some because they will hypothetically have access to a quicker way to travel.





What does corridor identification mean?

The identification of the corridor is not the same as compulsory acquisition, the government has not yet confirmed the corridor.  Indeed, the government yesterday extended the public consultation period until 1 June 2018, which would suggest we still have a significant amount of time before compulsory acquisition starts.



Will it impact me?

You can have a look at the current proposed corridor by clicking on the button to the right.  Bear in mind that this is still in a draft stage, so if you are near the corridor it could still impact you.



What can I do?

First and foremost, get proper legal advice.  Don't do the research yourself and try to guess what is happening, find out what is actually happening.  If you come to see Bruce you will get your first half hour appointment free, and he will be able to tell you what might happen and what the next steps are.  There are many community forums about this corridor and they can be quite helpful, but they can also be coloured by the political affiliations of the person giving the seminar.  Speak to someone who understands the law and who is on your side, who will help you to get what you are entitled to.



Public Consultation

You can also contribute to the public consultation period.  There is an online form that you can fill out to give your opinion.  If you click on the link to the right it will take you to the online form.  There is no guarantee that the government will listen, but certainly no one will listen if you do not voice your opinion.



More information?

If you would like some more information about Compulsory Acquisition, then click on the link to the left to read some of our articles on that topic.