Drive carefully

While you are planning your Christmas festivities, also plan to drive slowly, carefully, and within the speed limit.  There are increased penalties now for drink driving so also make sure that if you plan to drink you have another way to get home.



Don't forget that the Christmas double demerits, and Friday is a school day as well as a double demerit points day.  While most schools are finished by today there are still development days and the school holidays do not start until Saturday.

On Friday afternoon make sure you remember those schools zones. If you are travelling on the Northern Road out the front of St Doms and you don't realise it is a school day you will lose 12 points.

The double demerit point dates are Friday 21 December 2018 to Tuesday 1 January 2019 inclusive for NSW.



What is a school day?

What is a school day and why does it matter?  Read about it in our previous article.



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