There isn't a good time of year to be a domestic violence victim, but as we approach Christmas there is a statistical increase in the incidence of domestic violence.

We could site many articles but we will site one from the Sydney Morning Herald.  It stated that in the Christmas period we see " ... a marked spike every year since at least 1995. Last year, the December rate peaked by more than 40 per cent, compared with that of June."



What can I do?

At a recent fundraiser for domestic violence the speaker told us that Police had been called to her house six weeks after her wedding for a serious assault that nearly killed her.  Of her six bridesmaids who stood by her side six weeks earlier only one of them helped her in the difficult weeks and months that followed.

Do you know what victims of domestic violence need?  They need a friend.  They need many things but they need a friend.



Surely they need more than a friend?

They do, but the professional or charitable services around them can't do that bit, being a good friend or family member.  Contact them, daily, ask them how they are, can you help?  Can you bring around a meal?  Do they want to go for a run or walk the dog?



They also need pastoral care

Your friend also needs good pastoral care, which is not giving them legal, medical or safety advice.  It is very different.  Click on our link to read our article explaining what pastoral care is, and how you can do a good job of it.



Come and see us

When your friend is ready they should make an appointment to speak with one of our solicitors about their matter.  We are experienced in helping victims of domestic violence, we understand that this is a stressful and difficult time, and we want to help you navigate the family law system together.



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