We have had success contacting the Telecommunications Ombudsman in relation to disputes with a mobile phone provider.  If you lodge a complaint on line then the Ombudsman emails you a complaint reference number and a separate phone number to contact your provider. We have found that you are speaking with different people who take a remarkably different approach to your complaint than the standard ‘help line’ employee.


There are many different Ombudsmen including an Energy and Water Ombudsman, a Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman, and a NSW Ombudsman who deals with complaints about NSW agencies. 


Contacting these Ombudsmen does not cost you any money but may result in a more reasonable approach being taken to your problem.  If you are unsure if there is an Ombudsman for your problem you could look it up on the Internet by entering Ombudsman and the service area into an internet search engine, or you could look in the yellow pages .


Naturally at Coode & Corry we are happy to help you with any issues that you may be having in relation to a service provider or a contract you have entered into. However often these disputes are about relatively small amounts of money and an ombudsman may be a more cost effective option for resolving the dispute.