In 2012 the State Government ordered a review into the process of compulsory acquisition in NSW.  This review was completed in 2014, but the results have not been made public.  One might assume that the review does not say that the government is overpaying people, or that the government has otherwise been generous and helpful in their dealings with home owners.  One statistic that is apparently in the report, but has not been released, is how many people who took the government to the Land & Environment Court for more money ended up with more money.


It is important that you understand your rights when your property is being compulsorily acquired, including the various forms of compensation that you are entitled to.    Bruce Coode is experienced in these matters, and will not charge you any money if he cannot get your more than what the government has already offered you.  If you or a friend have property that is being compulsorily acquired you should make an appointment to speak with him before finalising your acquisition.