We are currently acting for several land owners whose properties are being compulsorily acquired along the Northern Road at Bringelly in preparation for the road widening for the new Badgery's Creek Airport.


In several cases people have either accepted very low amounts for their property without legal advice, or they are getting legal advice from someone who is not a solicitor and this has caused issues.  As often happens when people avoid getting legal advice, undoing or fixing what happened prior to the lawyers becoming involved is adding to the cost for the clients.


If we cannot get you a higher price on a compulsory acquisition than your best offer, then we will not charge you.  You have nothing to loose by coming in and speaking with Bruce Coode about your matter.

In one case we have dealt with, the Roads & Martime Services had offered the client more money than the valuer had said the property was worth.


More Information

If you would like some more information about compulsory acquisition, follow this link to read our other articles on the topic.