We are thinking of making changes to the Coode & Corry website and want to try and obtain some feedback from our clients as to what changes, if any, they would like us to make. Our current proposal is that the website be increased so as to have two (2) major additions:-

Firstly, it is proposed to provide a section which includes links to other organisations (and their websites) which clients might find useful. We would include, for instance, the website address for the Financial Services Ombudsman which deals with disputes that people have with their Bank or other financial institutions.

It is proposed that we would not simply include the website link but that there would be a short explanation as to what services the Financial Services Ombudsman offers so that people can see whether the body in question is potentially able to provide them with assistance or is otherwise of interest to them.

The hope is that people who have a problem or an issue could go to that section of the website to see if there appears to be any organisation that can help them and that they could then use the link to go to that website to take their issue further. Obviously if you needed our help in pursuing the issue we would be happy to help you but the facility would allow you to hopefully see if there is a source of help otherwise available to you and to give you the ability to readily make contact with that other organisation directly.

The other change that we are contemplating is to provide certain documents on our website so that they can be downloaded directly by the client. In some cases these documents would be made available to the client free of charge, if, for instance, the document is one that is easy to complete and the client could easily deal with it themselves.

It is proposed that there would also be some documents which, are more complicated because there is a need to provide with the documents advice as to how to use them, or perhaps because the download would involve a whole series of documents which would need to be used in a particular order and in a particular way.

In regard to that type of documentation there would be a charge made to the client for downloading the documents and the explanatory guideline that goes with them. We would anticipate that the charges involved would be modest and would be generally less than would be involved if the client was to instruct a solicitor in the normal way to handle that sort of problem for them.

We would like to obtain as much feedback as possible, both in relation to the two proposed changes that have been discussed and/or in regard to any other improvements that could be made to the website.