Drivers Licence Cases and Traffic Law

For most people losing their driving license is a serious problem, particularly if you need your license for work. There are many situations where you can either defend the charge successfully or you can reduce the penalty to be suffered. In some situations even if you are guilty the court has the power to not convict you at all, with you then not suffering any effect on your licence.

We will give you a realistic assessment of your rights, including what your chances are of successfully defending the charge or appealing against the RTA’s decision. We will also tell you what penalties you could face in court and how much your legal costs will be.  
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Apprehended violence orders (AVOs) 

Apprehended violence orders can have serious consequences. You could lose your job, or you could be disqualified from doing certain types of work or holding certain types of licenses. These orders can prevent access to your children. It is in your best interests to get legal advice before agreeing to any order or going to court.

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Tougher penalties for drink driving

The courts are under pressure to impose tougher penalties for drink driving offences, including jail sentences, so we suggest you at least speak to a lawyer before going to court. In some circumstances you may be able to avoid losing your licence.

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Assault or Affray

Charges of assault or affray can have very serious consequences, including losing your job as a result of a guilty verdict or jail time.

The rules of evidence are very complex and whether or not the prosecution wins the case will usually depend upon what evidence the civilian parties and their witnesses present at Court (including CCTV which might be available if the incident occurred at a licensed Club, or at a McDonalds Restaurant, etc). There are special rules in relation to the evidence, the way in which evidence and Hearings occur as well as special rules in relation to the onus of proof and what happens in regard to legal costs if a case is won or lost.
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Sexual Assault or Rape

Sexual assault matters are very tricky because they usually come down to a case of 'he said, she said' and the Courts must decide who to believe. Additionally there are a large number of rules surrounding how you can give evidence, and how much weight the Court can give to certain evidence, that need to be taken into account.

If you have been charged with sexual assault the potential penalties are extreme and, even if you don't receive a jail sentence the restrictions on your life going forward will be substantial.  Don't simply give up because you think the Court will believe the other person, make an appointment to speak with Bruce Coode about it today.

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Bruce Coode

Bruce Coode has extensive experience in criminal matters, having commenced his career appearing for clients on serious criminal offences on his first two days as a solicitor.  He has appeared in every Court up to the High Court of Australia, and in a wide variety of criminal matters ranging from driving license matters through to murder and sexual assault matters.  In his nearly 40 years of practise Bruce has assisted a number of men and women who are charged with very serious crimes, and understands both the laws in the area and the stress that his criminal law clients are going through.


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