Drink drive
Have you been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol?

Apprehended violence orders can have serious consequences.

Assault or Affray
Charges of assault or affray can have very serious consequences, including losing your job as a result of a guilty verdict or jail time.

Sexual Assault or Rape
Sexual assault matters are very tricky because they usually come down to a case of 'he said, she said' and the Courts must decide who to believe.

Domestic Violence
We will listen to you, what you tell us will be confidential, and you will be treated with decency and respect.

Traffic Law
Have you been charged with a driving offence?

Bruce Coode

Bruce Coode has extensive experience in criminal matters, having commenced his career appearing for clients on serious criminal offences on his first two days as a solicitor. He has appeared in every Court up to the High Court of Australia, and in a wide variety of criminal matters ranging from driving license matters through to murder and sexual assault matters.



In his nearly 40 years of practise Bruce has assisted a number of men and women who are charged with very serious crimes, and understands both the laws in the area and the stress that his criminal law clients are going through. We will usually be able to give you a firm quote once we have sat down and talked with you about your situation. This first consultation is free.



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Criminal matters are serious and they require proper legal advice.

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