Domestic Violence

Here at Coode & Corry Solicitors we are aware that domestic violence is a serious problem in our community, and that it is not limited by age, race, gender or social or economic status. We will listen to you, what you tell us will be confidential, and you will be treated with decency and respect.



How can we help?

Our initial half hour consultation is free and we can give you some initial advice about your options, and the cost of those options if you decide to use our services. We will not contact your spouse or partner after that initial conference, and we will not send you any follow up correspondence, so they do not need to know that you were here if you do not decide to proceed with us. If you decide to use our services, before we contact your spouse or partner we will first send you a draft of the letter that we are going to send to them for your approval.



Apprehended Violence Orders

Do you need help to obtain an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order, or Apprehended Domestic Violence Order), or is someone trying to get an AVO against you?

If so follow our link to the left for further information about AVOs, or request an appointment on the right of this page.


Make an Appointment

Do you need family law advice in relation to the children of your relationship, or do you need help to settle the property after the end of your relationship?

Hamish Williams has helped many people in your situation, she is sensitive to the difficulty that you are going through but will also give you straight forward, practical advice.  You can read more about family law and how it impacts you by clicking on the blue family law link, or you can request an appointment by clicking on the blue 'Contact Us' link on the right of this page.



Do you want someone to come to your work or community group to talk about domestic violence, the impact that is has on our society, and how you should respond if someone you know is the perpetrator, the victim, or a member of the household where domestic violence is occurring (this can include children, grandparents, disabled adults, or siblings).

Alternatively we also speak at High Schools about respectful relationships, what they look like and how to respond if you are in a disrespectful relationship.

If you are interested in hosting a free seminar then please have a look at this brochure domestic-violence-seminars or you can have a look at information regarding our No Respect, No Relationship approach.