The Easter long weekend is not during school holidays this year and while this is a great opportunity to spend more time with your family, it is also an opportunity to lose more points from your driving licence.

The double demerit point period is from midnight Wednesday 23 March to midnight Monday 28 March (or 24 to 28 March inclusive).

During this period there is a school day (Thursday 24 March).  On that day you can lose double the school zone penalties, which are higher.

On that school day a driver could lose the following points:

  • 8 points—driver of a car with a full license who exceeds the speed limit by more than 10km but less than 20km
  • 10 points— provisional driver who is travelling less than 10km over the speed limit. A P2 driver will also face licence suspension, regardless of how many points they have at that time.
  • A P1 driver would have already lost their licence at 5 points without double demerits.

Be very cautious in school zones this Easter.  As always prevention (not speeding) is better than cure (coming to see us).

During this period, you won’t lose double points for mobile phone usage, but you will lose four points instead of three points.  Four points is enough for a P1 driver’s licence to be suspended, regardless of how many points they already have.

If you do have any issues in relation to your drivers’ licence, make an appointment to speak with Bruce Coode.  The first half hour appointment is free, and he will let you know if there is anything that can be done.