Drink Driving and the Law

Has your licence been confiscated?

If the Police confiscate your license when they charge you then you may be able to Appeal against the seizure of your license while your case is being dealt with. If you want to make such an Appeal you have to do so within the first 28 days. It is important therefore that you obtain legal advice quickly.

High range

What are the penalties for high range drink driving?

Mid Range

What are the penalties for mid range drink driving?

Low range

What is the penalty for low range drink driving?

Special range

What is the penalty for special range drink driving?

Novice range

What is the penalty for novice range drink driving?

Licence confiscation

More information about licence confiscation

What can I do?

There are many things that can be done in response to a drink driving charge, but regardless of what response you choose to make you will need to attend Court. At Coode & Corry we understand that this is a stressful experience and we will explain what is happening in plain language, and in most cases if we are representing you you will not have to speak in Court.





Make an appointment

If you have been charged by the police or your license has been suspended by RMS or the police you can take advantage of our free first consultation to find out what are your options.

You can make an appointment by telephoning our office during business hours or by sending us an email here.

We will give you a realistic assessment of your situation, including what your chances are of successfully defending the charge or appealing against RMS's decision.

We will also tell you what penalties you could face in court and how much your legal costs will be.