Drivers Licence Cases and Traffic Law

There are many situations where you can either defend the charge successfully or you can reduce the penalty to be suffered. In some situations even if you are guilty the court has the power to not convict you at all, with you then not suffering any effect on your licence.



Has your licence already been confiscated?

If the Police confiscate your license when they charge you then you may be able to Appeal against the seizure of your license while your case is being dealt with. If you want to Appeal you have to do so within the first 28 days. It is important therefore that you obtain legal advice quickly.


What can I do?

Due to legislative changes not only the police can take action against drivers, but now the RTA (now known as RMS) can also take action without having to go to court. The laws have become very complicated and you need to speak to someone who knows what your rights are and someone who has your best interest at heart. Any advice you have been given by the police and/or the RTA should not be accepted without you checking to see that it is correct.

If you have been charged by the police or your license has been suspended by the RTA you can take advantage of our free first consultation to find out what are your options. You can make an appointment by telephoning our office during business hours or by using the appointment form on our home page.

We will give you a realistic assessment of your rights, including what your chances are of successfully defending the charge or appealing against the RTA’s decision. We will also tell you what penalties you could face in court and how much your legal costs will be.






More Information

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