The problem with licenses is once you get a bit older they tend to be renewed every five or ten years, and this leaves a lot of time for you to forget.

The government (RMS) will send you a reminder about six weeks before but not receiving the reminder is not an excuse.



What are the penalties?

The maximum fine for a first offence is $3,300 and the minimum license suspension of three months, there is even the potential for jail time.  There are separate penalties if your licence was suspended for failure to pay a fine.  This isn't something to be taken lightly.



Seriously, have you physically looked at your licence

Don't guess.  Check your license.  If you have an electronic calendar of some sort then set a reminder.  Check your spouse or sister or friend's licence, warn them too.  It is something that is so easy to miss but can cost you a lot in time, money and frustration if you get it wrong.



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Want to find out about the vehicle registration reminder service?  You should definitely sign up for it.  It could save you thousands in fines.


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