The Family Court  filing fees were due to increase on 1 July 2015, but the increases were actually blocked at the last minute by the Senate.

The proposed fee incresaes were substantial.  For instance, the filing fee for applying for a divorce was increasing from $845 to $1,195, and the filing fee for an Initiating Application for both children and property, for final and interim orders, was going to increase to $705.

While these fee increases have been halted, for the mean time, if you have been putting off applying for a divorce, or a property settlement or settlement in relation to your
children, you should really make an appointment to come and speak with Ms Jacinta Watkins about your family law matter.

We have found that family law litigation is generally taking longer, getting more complex and the requirements are more extensive.  There are longer delays at Court and it is harder to get matters listed urgently.  When we attend the Court the number of cases that a Judge is expected to deal with in a day is increasing.  Additionally the number of forms or Affidavits that need to be filed in a standard matter are increasing.

At Coode & Corry we are experienced and can help you to navigate this complex situation, and we will do our best to explain things to you in plain, simple English so that you understand the process.