Family law, including de facto relationships

The break up of a relationship is usually a very stressful time. We understand this, and realise that most people have not had to deal with such a situation before.

Here at Coode & Corry we can help you deal with these issues and make decisions for your future and the future of your children.

You need to make decisions that are sensible, practical, workable and give you some security.

We can help with things such as:

  • negotiating an agreement with your ex partner in regard to property and/or children’s custody issues, and obtaining court Orders to set out any agreement reached between you and your ex partner, and
  • negotiating a formal Binding Financial Agreement about property issues, or
  • applying to the court for appropriate Orders for you if no agreement can be reached.

If there are court orders in regard to your children, and your ex partner is not complying with them, we can apply to the court for what are known as ‘Contravention Orders’.

If you are thinking about entering into a relationship or marriage with someone, we can help you prepare an agreement that states what is to happen to any property if you and your partner or spouse separate in the future. To maximise the effectiveness of such an agreement, it should be done as early as possible and not be left to just before the marriage ceremony.

Anyone needing legal advice for this type of situation should make an appointment to see Hamish Williams.