What is #frocktober?

Now in its 12th year, Frocktober is a fundraiser run by OCRF.  It encourages women around Australia to Frock Up, Raise Funds and Frock Cancer.  They do this by wearing a dress every day in October, taking a selfie, sharing it on their social media and using this as a spring board to raise funds and raise awareness.

What is OCRF?

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) was established in May 2000 by Co-Founders gynaecological oncology specialist, Associate Professor Thomas Jobling and business woman, Liz Heliotis.  Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death of all gynaecological cancers. Across Australia, one woman dies every eight hours from this disease.  OCRF says that the key to changing this statistic and giving women with ovarian cancer a better long-term outlook is early detection. However, no simple or effective early screening method currently exists. Which means most women diagnosed are already in the advanced stages of the disease.

What is Team Lindsay?

I joined Team Lindsay to support our local member, Emma Husar, who is doing a far better job of raising funds than me.  Also in the team is Peggy Wilcox from Mooney Real Estate, and Amanda Wyllie from Insignia Hair.  Together we are trying to raise funds for research into this cancer.



No government funds

Emma Husar spoke about our fundraiser in Parliament, and the fact that the Government doesn't commit funds to research regarding this very 'female' problem.

Research will only happen if it is funded by individuals and businesses.  Currently there is no detection test for this cancer, they have to operate on you and take a biopsy of the ovaries.  This is significant when those diagnosed in the later stages have very low survival rates.  We need an easier test to administer earlier when symptoms first arise.


Its #Frocktober2018 and today I spoke about the Lindsay ladies frocking up for a great cause. Women's gynaecological issues have been undervalued and underfunded for too long. We're raising money to help research into an early detection test. P.s Pap tests are for cervical cancer and don't screen for Ovarian Cancer Australia. Jump on board and support this wonderful cause. You can follow my frockober on Instagram, Emma Husar MPhttps://www.mycause.com.au/page/187423/lindsay-ladies-frock-up With Insignia Hair and Day Spa, Mooney Real Estate & Coode & Corry Solicitors

Posted by Emma Husar on Monday, 15 October 2018



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