We previously posted about the Takata air bag recall, and posted on our Facebook page about a Subaru recall.

This week there have been recalls for the following makes and models:



Is my car on the list?

If you are wondering if your car is on the list, you can check the government's recall list here.

The manufacturer should contact you directly, but that assumes that they have current contact information, and that government departments like RMS have current contact information.  They may also send you a letter rather than telephone you, so if your mailbox at your home is unreliable you may not want to rely on this method of communication.



How do I keep up to date with recalls?

You can receive emails about any recalls that ACCC issues.  You can also choose which category you want to receive recalls about, so in this case you could sign up to just receive information about, so in this case you could just select cars, or you can even select the make of your motor vehicle and just receive email updates about that.



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