This can be a problem

Many people don't choose a guardian for their children because they feel that they have too many good options, and don't know how to choose.  This is actually one of the worst situations to leave your children without a Will, if there isn't one obvious person then the risk is that some of the possible guardians will fight.  That means that instead of focusing on your kids in the days and weeks after your death they are fighting with each other.  This is not what you need.


So who do I choose?

Only you know who to choose for your children, this is an incredibly personal thing, but here are some things to think about:


  • How old will that person be when your children are 16, 18 or 21 years old?  Parenting a teenager or a young adult is hard, it requires a lot of energy, will the grandparents be able to cope with that?
  • Who has a complimentary parenting style and life style?  No one will be the same, but your child/ren will already have a lot of changes.  Moving country or moving to another suburb may be less stressful than living with someone who has a totally different approach to life to you.
  • Can they afford it?  Children cost money.  If they can't afford it can you leave them some money to help with child rearing expenses?
  • Do they have a big enough house?  If they already have three children and you have three children, then that is a lot of children.  Is your house bigger?  Should you give them the option of living in your house, or a house purchased for your children with their inheritance?
  • Can they work with your family, both sides of your family, to facilitate ongoing contact with the family.  As you will by definition be dead in this scenario the contact with the ongoing family will be an important link to both of you.
  • Do you have any children with special needs, and if you do, is the guardian really equipped to deal with that?


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