In July 1983 the offices of Coode & Roberts opened at 19 The Crescent, Penrith.  The house was quite dilapidated when it was purchased, and was heritage listed, so it involved a lot of work and a lot of negotiating with Penrith City Council to get the doors open.



There have been a few name changes between 1983 and today, but the constant has been Bruce Coode.  Bruce also had his fortieth anniversary as a solicitor in July 2017.  Bruce was originally from Melbourne but studied at Sydney University, and took a job as a graduate lawyer in Penrith.  At the time he had never been to Penrith and had to look it up on a map.  He has been living in Penrith and practicing law here since 1977, and has been practicing from 19 The Crescent since July 1983.



Bruce and his daughter Janis, who is also a solicitor at the practice, are committed to the Penrith community and are involved in a number of local community programs like Nepean Neighbourhood & Community Services, and Cambridge Park Anglican Church. They also speak at local high schools and community groups about domestic violence prevention.  They have a long history of active involvement both as players, administrators and coaches with the district basketball association in Penrith and Parramatta, and for several years lectured at courses run by the University of Western Sydney, as it was then known.


Janis Donnelly-Coode and Bruce Coode

More recently they are running networking groups for lawyers, including a female lawyers group who are creating some mentoring opportunities with Western Sydney University.  The firm has been a legal advisor to the Penrith City Council, Blacktown council and Hawkesbury council and for The Australian Government in the past as well as representing probably thousands of local people and businesses over the years ( including representing them in disputes with councils, the NSW Government  and the Australian Government.  We are heavily involved in the local area and value our ongoing relationships with our clients.