It is your worst nightmare, you spend all your hard earned money on a nice quiet house in a perfect little street and you and your family move in.

The next thing you know there is a letter in your letterbox from Council, someone is building a new business or a high rise block of apartments right next door to you. 

Is there anything you can do?





Council Submissions

It is possible to make submissions to Council regarding a proposed development application with a view to either having the DA changed or rejected. 

Some of the common reasons given for changing a DA include:

  • The increase in traffic, either in terms of vehicles or people, and the impact that will have on neighbours
  • Whether the existing facilities (roads, footpaths, parking) can cope with the increase and whether the builder should contribute to fixing those services
  • The noise created by the development, for instance a day care centre probably shouldn't be next to a retirement village or hospice
  • The suitability of the development to the area, for example a retail shopping centre in an area that is otherwise residential

There are also many requirements that a development has to comply with before Council should approve it, and sometimes it can help to point out where they have failed to meet those requirements.

In any event if there is a new development occurring near you don't simply give up, come and have an initial consultation with Bruce Coode and he will be able to tell you whether there is anything that you can do, what would be involved, and how much that would cost.