One of the first questions you might ask when you hear that your property is being compulsorily acquired is, how long will that take?

It is a good question, but it isn't a question that has a quick and obvious answer.  Generally you are looking at 9 to 12 months but again, it really depends.



What impacts the length of time?

We have a matter at the moment where if we proceed at the current stage of negotiations then we have to use a valuer appointed by the Roads & Maritime Services.  If we can wait until the next stage then we can choose our own valuer, obviously we think that this will have an impact on the price that our client receives.

The problem is that there is nothing that we can do to progress the matter to the next stage, the client was told that the matter had progressed in April but actually it hasn't progressed yet.

The difference in price is important though, and it is important that you use a solicitor who is experienced in these matters so that you don't miss out on a significant sum of money.



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