If you are wondering how many points you might lose for a suspected speeding offence, perhaps you realised you did the wrong thing and are anxiously waiting for that ticket in the mail, then RMS actually has a useful summary for ordinary speeding offences.



School Days

For some reason what the RMS fact sheet doesn't cover is speeding in school zones, or double demerit points.  Speeding in school zones is covered by Regulation 23 of the Road Rules 2014 (NSW).  The speed limit is changed for the relevant period of time, so if you figure out that you were speeding in a school zone on a school day, you use the school zone speed limit to calculate how much you were speeding.

What is a school day is a separate question, covered by a separate article that we have provided a link for below.



Double Demerit Points

The other thing that the RMS fact sheet doesn't cover is double demerit points.  This again is the subject of a separate article as there are a few questions there, what is a long weekend, why does it matter, and what is included?  I have given you a link below to that article, if you suspect that you have made the mistake of speeding on a long weekend (and therefore attracting double demerit points.)





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