It is something I hear so often, I am going to do a Will, my husband and I talked about doing a Will, or yes I must do that.  I get it, you are busy.  Life is busy.  There are lots of important life errands that aren't getting done.  That is why I am trying to help you.



Help me how?

You can sign up now, on your phone or your computer, to get your Will process started.  What will happen?


Firstly, you complete the sign up form by clicking the blue button for Wills appointments.  You give us some information, and our receptionist will then call you to make an appointment.  It is harder to avoid it when someone is calling you, and once it is in your diary.



The next step

Next you will receive an automatic email with an online form that you can complete and submit, which will be sent to the relevant solicitor to get a draft document started for you.



Our seven day course

You will then receive an email a day from us stepping you through our Wills Preparation Course.  Your seven days of topics are:


  • Choosing an Executor - don't just appoint all the beneficiaries jointly
  • What are my assets - sounds simple, but is it?
  • Who are my beneficiaries?  We need more than just their names.
  • Eligible people - who can claim against my Estate?
  • Right to reside or other non cash gifts
  • Superannuation and cyber assets
  • Passwords - share them with your next of kin

Some of these might sound simple but they aren't, and they are all things you need to decide in order to draft your Will.



But I am busy, I am not ready yet

Everyone is busy, and while I don't mean to minimise it you could make that excuse forever and a day.  If you don't do this now, when will you do it?  Your family does not need the stress of dealing with your death without having these documents in place.  Get the process started today, hit the button and sign up.



I need to update my Will

If you need to update your Will, or think you might need to update your Will, then you should make an appointment to see Hamish Williams.  He is our Estate litigation practitioner so he knows what happens when an Estate isn't property prepared.  He can help you with all your Estate planning needs.