Have you received notice from a government department that they are intending to acquire your house?  Has your neighbour told you that the government is going to purchase their house in the future?  Have you heard of a large project that seems to be planned for your suburb?  Living with the uncertainty of what all of this means is very stressful.



What can I do?

Don't lose sleep over it, Google the answer or phone a friend.  Speak to someone about the actual process.  During the recent Castlereagh Corridor changes we spoke with clients who were going to have their home compulsorily acquired under the new Corridor, which was later ditched.


After speaking with neighbours, attending community information sessions and speaking informally with people who understood the process they finally came and sat down with Bruce Coode to get proper advice about the process.  Afterwards they said they had slept property for the first time since finding out their house was in the corridor.



But nothing happened?

In the end those clients were lucky and the government changed their mind and moved the corridor.  However if they hadn't come and spoken to Bruce they wouldn't have understood the process, and would have still been worrying about things that they didn't need to worry about.  They instead obtained advice from Bruce about owner initiated acquisition, and were considering whether to pursue that process.  They focused on things that could be achieved, not stressing about things they couldn't achieve.




Make an appointment

Make an appointment to speak with Bruce Coode about your compulsory acquisition matter.  He has forty years experience in property matters generally and compulsory acquisition matters specifically, and this is not an area where you should simply see a 'property solicitor'.  The process is somewhat amorphous and there are a number of different heads of 'damage' you can claim, but Bruce can help you to understand what that process will look like for you.  Get proper information about the actual process and focus on achievable goals, not hysteria and stress.



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