Male victims of domestic violence

Who we are

Local male solicitors

We have been practising law in Penrith for over 35 years.  In that time we have seen a lot of domestic violence, including reciprocal domestic violence and situations where the male was the victim.

We have helped many victims of domestic violence, male and female, to deal with this situation through the criminal process (such as obtaining or defending an AVO) or through the family court process.

We understand that you probably can't get an AVO, we understand that you probably aren't the primary carer and are concerned about your children, we understand that you probably haven't told your friends as they think domestic violence is just about men hitting women.





What we do

Good honest advice

We explain things to you in plain English.  We will tell you what is achievable, what isn't achievable, and what might be achievable.

We have helped men to defend themselves against an AVO when actually they are the victim of the domestic violence.

We have helped men to gain primary care of their children when the mother has always been the primary carer.

We have helped men to settle family law property disputes even though she is living in the house.

Not all of these are achievable all of the time, but we will give you proper honest advice about your chances.