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Tina Ng

“All things in balance – life, work, to do lists, your body and mind”

Nat Ballard

What you didn't know about starting your own business

Angela Corbett

Brand and marketing are important, but networking is critical

Amanda Little

Admin is a killer - how to be your bosses favourite employee

Join us on Friday 29 March 2019

Join us at Penrith Golf Club on Friday 29 March 2019 at 9:30am as we knock over our Mandatory CLE subjects while networking with other female lawyers.  You do not have to be from Penrith to participate, all female lawyers or law students are welcome to join us.

The topics are:
  •  work life balance - lead by Tina Ng of Metta Legal
  •  how to network effectively, don't just go to events - lead by Angela Corbett of Condon Associates
  •  what you didn't know about starting your own business, and how to be your boss's favourite employee - lead by Nat Ballard of Novus Law Group and Amanda Little of Amanda Little Associates
  •  what online and remote resources are useful for growing your network, getting some encouragement or working remotely




All things in balance – life, work, to do lists, your body and mind

Tina Ng is a solicitor practicing in predominately family law and child protection law. She opened Metta Legal with the intention of helping others through her work as a lawyer, and through her mentoring program to help young lawyers. Right next door to her firm in Bankstown is the Metta Centre, a charity she founded to support wellbeing in the community. Metta Centre provides weekly free classes on wellbeing, meditation, and yoga to the community as well as in the local libraries. It also runs free workshops and urban retreats on some weekends, on topics such as handling stress, forgiveness practice, loving-kindness meditation, mindfulness meditation, grief and loss workshops, and courses for parents to attend with their children to bring these practices into the home. As a lawyer running her own firm, supporting Metta Centre and other charitable projects, giving talks at various locations, Tina has had to find ways to balance her own busy life and busy mind.



Admin is a killer

Amanda is the Principal Solicitor of Amanda Little & Associates and an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Amanda has been working in Family Law for over a decade and has extensive experience in all facets of Family Law, Wills and Estates and Care and Protection.

Amanda is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner approved by the Attorney Generals Department, a member of the Law Society of New South Wales, The Family Law Council, the Australian Mediation Association and is admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia.

Amanda is also a Lecturer at Western Sydney University, and produces academic articles and continuing legal training for other Solicitors.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Communication, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (with Distinction) from Western Sydney University and Family Dispute Resolution (legislative Foundation Knowledge and Skills) qualifications from Bond University.



Brand and marketing are important, but networking is critical

Angela Corbett is a Relationship Specialist at Condon Advisory Group.  Angela has an extensive background in Marketing and Sales going back some 40 years and has worked in numerous industries from Hardware to Media to now Accounting.  Angela is currently the Relationship Specialist with Condon Advisory Group where building strong personal relationships with clients is a key factor in generating new business for the Company.

While branding and marketing are important and many lawyers are spending time trying to learn these things themselves, we might have forgotten what we are best at.  Angela will talk to us about why networking is critical and how to network with purpose.  She will give us real life examples of what she is doing to grow the client base at Condon Advisory Group, not through choosing a logo or colours or an advertising budget, but through networking, phone calls, meetings with potential referrers, planning with marketing, organising presenters and building good relationships with referrers.



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