Learner, P1 and P2 drivers

On 1 December 2016 the laws surrounding mobile phone usage are changing for P2 drivers.  It used to be that they could touch or use their mobile phones in certain circumstances.  From 1 December they cannot use it for anything, not GPS, not playing music, not for anything while they are driving.  It was already the case that P1 and Learner drivers could not touch or use their mobile phones in any way.

The penalty for this offence is 4 points, which for a Learner or P1 driver is enough for loss of licence.






Fully Licensed drivers

Did you know that a fully licensed driver can touch their mobile phone while driving in certain circumstances? Namely, if it is attached in a cradle and doesn’t obscure your view and you are using it as a driver’s aid (for example GPS), or if it rings and you are picking it up to hand it to a passenger.

You can make or answer a phone call if it is in a cradle, and it can be operated by voice. Most people are aware of this, what people may not be aware of is the cir­cumstances in which you can actually touch your phone. You can also use your phone if it is in your pocket, and you have a blue tooth device (that is you are touch­ing the phone, but this is allowed). You cannot however text, whether or not you use voice activated software.

If you want to learn more about the mobile phone laws for NSW, visit the Centre for Road Safety website by clicking here, or watch their video.


Need help?

If you have received a ticket for using your mobile phone while driving then you should come and speak to Bruce Coode.  Often people wait until their license is about to be taken away from them before coming to see us, and then we learn that there were other matters in their driving history that could or should have been challenged.  Our first half hour appointment is free so if we can't help you then you won't have lost anything, but don't just assume that nothing can be done.  Bruce Coode has been practising in Penrith for forty years, he is experienced, he speaks in plain English, and he has helped many people like you.

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