As part of our new year’s resolutions, we have decided to publish monthly newsletters and more articles on our website, so we can communicate more regularly with our clients.  We will also share those articles more broadly via Facebook.

Due to the new postage charges, and the physical time involved in printing newsletters, we want to send those newsletters by email.

You can contact us to let us know your preferred email address. We have most of our client’s emails, but perhaps you would like to update your details?  You can email about this.

We would also love to hear from our clients about potential articles.  What do you want to hear about?

  • Residential tenancies, your rights and responsibilities
  • Common mistakes in leasing
  • Family Law—isn’t it just 50/50?
  • Borrowing money and guarantees
  • Road rules—I only have three points left, what do I do?!
  • Insurance policies—am I getting what I am paying for?
  • Identity theft—how does it happen and what could I lose?
  • Unwanted attention—how do I get someone to leave me alone?
  • Road rules—common mistakes
  • Estate planning and purchasing real estate—what is joint tenants, what does tenants in common mean?