Previously we discussed the My Health digital records, as the Nepean Blue Moun­tains region has been chosen for a trial where everyone is in unless they opt out.  If you want to read that article then click here.

The time to opt out has passed, but you can log into your account and allegedly amend or change what is in the account.  As the writer opted out she has not been able to test this for herself.


From 15 July 2016 health care providers (which is not defined) and their employ­ees and service providers (like sub contractors) will be able to access your record.  This could mean that people who know you get access to your medical records.  If you are going through a family law break down you should be particularly careful about what information is online, both for you and your kids.

You should prior to that date log into your record and see what is there.  Even if you want all of your information available you should check that it is correct.  Errors do occur so it is prudent to have a look.  Click on this link to access the account that has been created for you, if you didn't opt out.