For some reason the Nepean Blue Mountains area has been chosen for a trial of the My Health record system, which has existed for four years.  You may have received a letter in the mail.  If you are unsure if you received a letter you can check on their website by clicking here.


Most of us in the Nepean Blue Mountains area are all now opted in to the My Health system, unless we opt out.


You may think this is a good thing for you, and that is great.  Your treating doctors, hospitals and other local healthcare providers will have access to your digital health record.  If you want to keep your digital health record, you do not need to do anything as the government has created your digital health record from information they can get from Medicare about you.


Some professionals, like the lawyers in this office, may be concerned about having their personal information (like their home address or mobile number) available to all health professionals, and the private companies contracted to look after the records.  It is possible to allow access to your childrens' health records but not your own.


Other people, for instance someone going through a family law break down, may need to be careful about their personal information and the personal information of the children being accessed by the wrong party.  Either a friend of the ex partner who works for a 'health professional' (which still isn't defined), or the partner themselves will have access to the children's account and may gain information that they otherwise would not have had (like their home address or Mum's new work phone number).


It doesn’t appear that there is a clear definition of what the government means by ‘health professionals’ and who exactly will have access to this information.  If you want to opt out you should do it now, before 27 May 2016.  There is no information available about how to opt out after that date.


You need to visit this site to opt out, or visit a Medicare branch.