The New South Wales government created a tribunal called the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) a few years ago with the aim of bringing many o the separate bodies like The Guardianship Tribunal under the one roof as it were.

NCAT now deals with disputes that previously were handled by 23 separate specialised tribunals.  The way NCAT handles disputes can be quite different to how the established court system works so it is important to make sure that the lawyer representing you is experienced in relation to NCAT.  The range of work handled by NCAT includes:

  1. Tenancy/Lease disputes (including Residential and Retail Leases)
  2. Dividing Fences disputes
  3. Guardianship proceedings
  4. Home Building disputes
  5. Review of many administrative decisions made by NSW government bodies


If you think you may have a problem that could be dealt with by NCAT make an appointment to see Bruce Coode or Hamish Williams.

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