The government has announced new laws to tackle so called 'Bikie Gangs', but what will this mean for you?  You can read the announcement by clicking on the link to the right.

Under the new laws, the State wants Police executing a warrant on outlaw bikie clubhouses to have clear powers to:

  • search anyone on site;
  • compel any person to reveal their name and address; and
  • compel people present at the venue to move on.



So what has changed?

The new laws are not too “new” because there are existing powers to move people on and powers to require people to identify themselves – it is probably correct that the new laws will make those powers clearer. In the past after new Bikie laws we have seen an increase in police activity but the reality was that the existing laws at the time already gave police sufficient powers so the increased activity probably had more to do with the Government wanting to be seen to be taking action, than the new laws allowing police to do anything they couldn’t already do under then existing laws.



What is a bikie gang?

A further point is that we have seen police abuse the previous so called bikie laws by using them against people who just happen to own a motor bike and who are clearly not a member of a Gang.



More Information

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