I recently asked in a client survey whether people wanted subcategories for our newsletter (that is, newsletters specific to certain legal areas) and most people said no, leave the monthly newsletter as it is.  So we are going to leave it.

There were some people however who asked for subcategories, and so we have created mailing lists for subcategories and every time we upload a new article to the blog we will also send you a copy of the article.  If you are interested in the subcategories then you can browse them below.



Regular e-newsletters

We send out a regular e-newsletter, generally once a month, covering a range of topics.  The overwhelming response (so far) seems to be that you like this and want it to continue.  That is great, as the person who works on those newsletters I am glad to hear it.  If you aren't receiving those newsletters and would like to then please click on the link titled "Sign up for our regular e-newsletters".



Privacy and Personal Safety, including safety while online

We do write articles about protecting your own personal information, what to do if someone is stalking you and other similar topics.  We recently wrote about people stealing your rubbish (ostensibly for the ten cent refund), but this might be a ruse for stealing your personal documents from your yellow bin to apply for credit in your name.  If you would like to receive articles like this directly to your inbox then please join our Privacy and Personal Safety mailing list.



Wills and Estate Planning

These are ongoing concerns even if you have completed your Will, and many people haven't.  But you also need to keep your superannuation details up to date, do certain things with your bank accounts and insurance documents, and ensure that you update your Estate documents if anything in your personal life changes.  Join our Wills and Estate Planning mailing list and whenever we post an article on one of these topics you will receive a reminder directly to your Inbox.



Domestic Violence

As you might have noticed if you follow our newsletters or follow us on Facebook, domestic violence is a pet project of mine.  In order to support or encourage me in continuing with that project you could join our mailing list and get any new articles that I post to the web site direct to your Inbox.  You could also find out about projects that i am doing in and around the local community through my domestic violence advocacy work.



Family Law

If you would like to receive any of our new Family Law articles when we post them to our website then sign up for this mailing list.



Compulsory Acquisition

There are a number of large government projects occurring in Penrith and the surrounding areas, which is resulting in a number of properties being acquired by the Government.  If you would like to receive any of our new articles about Compulsory Acquisition then sign up to our mailing list on that point.