Thanks to the amazing work from our PR Team from Western Sydney University, and particularly Katie Barbz, we have had two articles about our program published recently.  If you want to read more about the WSU program you can read about that here.



School News Australia

Katie contacted School News Australia, an online publication about the Stop It At The Start programs and what is happening in schools.  The WSU PR team recommended interacting with 'influencers' in the schools and this was part of that recommendation.  The article mentions how the talks started almost accidentally, as a result of a talk I gave that was supposed to be for adults but the people who responded to it most strongly were the teenagers.


“The teenagers went home and told their parents how much they had learned about the importance of respectful relationships, that they had no idea that domestic violence occurred at that rate (1/3) or could happen to educated people from good homes....”



The Educator Australia

The article was then subsequently picked up by 'The Educator', again with some help from Katie Barbz.  They quote Carol Richardson, project officer for Western Sydney University's Fast Forward program, saying “They [teachers] need help from experts. There was a teacher on Q&A talking about how she had to help kids from dreadful homes and how ill-equipped she was…and how that was not her job...”



But it is our job

For better or for worse it is our job to deal with domestic violence, and we can help teachers by speaking to the students as a group in relation to respectful relationships, or speaking to the teachers about how to deal with disclosures from students and how to provide them with appropriate support and pastoral care, including who to refer the students to for help and the importance of not trying to be the expert themselves.



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