The Roads and Maritime Service (formerly the RTA) has phased out the system whereby a person can have a note placed on their Drivers License to say they are an Organ donor.  In all states of Australia except for SA this system has been phased out, NSW was the last to be phased out in November 2012.  There are several things which someone can do, however, to try and ensure that when they die their body is available for Organ Donation.


How do I register?

Firstly, there is an Australia wide Register known as The Australian Organ Donor Register upon which you can Register yourself as an Organ Donor. This is a relatively straight forward procedure. The way you Register is to go to the Medicare Australia website and you type into the search engine the words “Organ Donor” and then you follow the prompts.  Alternatively, you could click on the blue button to the left and it will take you to the online form.



The other thing that you can do to try and ensure that your wishes are followed in regard to Organ Donation, is to have something firstly, in your Will that states that you wish to be an Organ Donor and secondly, have something put into your “living Will”, namely your Enduring Guardianship document.

We can assist you with having something inserted into your Will and/or your Enduring Guardianship and indeed if you do not have a Will and/or an Enduring Guardianship we would be happy to explain to you what is involved with these documents and to prepare any necessary documents on your behalf.


What should I do?

Make an appointment to come and see Jacinta Watkins to discuss your Estate planning needs generally, and your instructions to your family members specifically.  Jacinta has assisted many clients with Estate litigation and so she well understands what you are trying to avoid by preparing your Estate properly in the first place.  She will explain things to you in plain English, and as well as helping you with your Wills, Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian (sometimes called living Wills) she will let you know about other things you need to do like updating your organ donor preferences, and updating your binding death benefit nomination with your superannuation company.



More Information

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