From Letters to the Editor in one of our local newspapers, I gather a number of people have been fined for parking their cars on what they think is their own home or property.


In many of the new suburbs that Councils have allowed to be built the roads are so narrow and winding that it is risky parking your car on the street. People often therefore park their car on “their” nature strip or the area of their property between their front fence and the kerb. Most people assume that that area is part of their property.


In fact, the area in front of the front fence is usually Council land so anyone parking on their own “nature strip  “ is parking on Council land without permission.


It is easy to understand why people get upset with the same body, i.e., the Council, that allows developers to build suburbs with roads that are too narrow or too poorly designed to allow you to safely park your car on the side of the road to also then fine you for parking off the road.   However, unfortunately Council is within its strict legal rights to fine people in those circumstances.