We have been involved in a group of local lawyers called "Penrith Lady Lawyers" since it was created in 2013.  As the name suggests it is a group for female lady lawyers, we try to meet regularly despite our busy schedules to share our knowledge and business skills and encourage each other in a relatively informal environment.



Why did we start?

Nat Ballard from Novus Law Group started our little group with some regular lunch meetings to catch up, network and encourage each other.  As a prolific networker who is heavily involved in our local community this was a natural extension of many projects she was already participating in.



What do we do?

We are meeting monthly and each month there are different things going on.  Some months we simply meet to chat, some months we have a speaker from another profession come and present to us, and some months one of our members will do a presentation either on a specific legal area, or in relation to another community organisation that they are involved in.  Mostly our meetings at the moment are at lunch times on varying days of the week, as that seems to work best for our current group.


Recently we are looking to partner with Western Sydney University to mentor female law students who live in the area, and we are also looking to expand into some pro bono work in the local area.

We also have a Facebook group and an email chain where we keep in contact with each other, and we are working on getting our contact list up to date to assist with referring work to each other.



Janis Donnelly-Coode

How do I join?

If you are a solicitor, or you used to hold a practising certificate then you can contact Janis Donnelly-Coode by email at janis@coodecorry.com.au

The meetings are in Penrith but you do not have to live or work in Penrith to join our group.  Some ladies work in other suburbs but come to the occasional group meeting, some ladies live in the area and like to keep in contact with locals even though they can't attend the meetings.