The thing is, a Power of Attorney really does give you super powers.

It gives you the power not to worry about who will manage your affairs if you lose capacity.

It gives you the power to choose.

It gives you the power to appoint someone who can assist with your affairs now, while you have capacity, if that is what you want.



What if I don't have one?

The most important thing about a Power of Attorney however, is you avoid what happens if you don't have one.

Even if you are married your spouse cannot make medical decisions for you, or deal with your more pragmatic issues like bank accounts or selling your car to buy a mobility scooter, unless you have signed documents that specifically give them permission to do this.  If you don't sign a Power of Attorney, and do it properly, then no one has power.

Your car, that you cannot drive, also cannot be sold.  Your money in your savings account in your name cannot be used to fund your care.

Powers of Attorney are powerful, they are important, whether you are married or single, young or old, you should do one.



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