Buying Real Estate

Buying real estate can be a stressful experience.  Bruce will explain everything to you in plain English, you will understand the process clearly and you will understand the legal costs.  We offer fixed prices on buying or selling real estate.

We will assist you with negotiating with the Real Estate Agent, obtaining pest and building reports (or strata reports), providing the bank with all of their requirements and making decisions about any contract amendments.




Selling Real Estate

Bruce Coode has been acting on property transactions for over forty years and understands that this is a valuable transaction for you.  We offer fixed prices on selling real estate.  We understand that the negotiation process can be drawn out, and that different purchasers make different demands.  We will help you with the process and will not charge you more because a purchaser rescinds within the cooling off period.





Compulsory Acquisition

We won’t charge any fees unless we can get you a higher offer than any existing offer.

When property is being forcibly purchased, either by a government body or by a private entity, the buyer will usually try to convince the land owner to only speak to a Valuer.  Bruce is very experienced at helping clients to obtain the maximum money for their property, it's not just what the valuer offers but there are many other add ons he will fight for.  

If you want more information about compulsory acquisition matters please click on the link marked 'Compulsory Acquisition'.



Business Leases

For most businesses their Lease is one of their most important assets.  It would be incredibly wasteful to start a business and build a customer base and then have to move premises.  Making sure your lease secures these things for you is, therefore, important. 

Regardless of whether you are the landlord or the proposed tenant, you should obtain legal advice before entering into a lease. We see it as part of our normal service to you not only to deal with the lease documents but to help you in the negotiating stage. We can alert you to issues that you were not aware of, so as to make sure that the lease deals with all relevant things in your individual circumstances.  If you want more information about business leases, please click on the link marked "Leases".






Problems with Council?

Are you having trouble getting something approved by the council, or is the council giving you a hard time over some issue or other?

Dealing with councils involves a special mindset and approach, and Bruce Coode has had forty years of experience of both challenging council’s and their decisions and also representing councils to defend their decisions, so is in a unique position to understand how they approach things and to talk their language.  This often leads to having the Council change their position or agree to a reasonable approach in any dispute.



Bruce Coode

Bruce has extensive experience in property matters, having acted during his career for many individuals purchasing or selling a house, applying to Council for various approvals, or assisting clients who are the subject of a compulsory acquisition.  In addition to working for individual clients in private practice as a solicitor for all that time, he was a legal advisor to three local councils for many years, and has lectured in real estate law at university.  He understands more than just your basic conveyance, and is well equipped to assist you with all aspects of your property transactions.