If you are looking to purchase new property over the Christmas break, it is important that you understand your rights before you look at a property so that you are not convinced to do something you might regret later.

While ordinarily you should speak with Bruce Coode before purchasing new property, we appreciate that while we are closed for two weeks this may not be possible.  There is a list of things that you should be careful of and take into account on our website:


This includes things like getting a longer cooling off period (so that you can see Bruce prior to the cooling off period expiring) and making sure that anything you have been promised (such as vacant possession or council approval for a suspect building) is written in the contract.  Don’t rely on verbal promises from the real estate agent or the vendor.

You should also be very careful when purchasing at an auction, or on the same day as an auction (known as ‘passing in’) because then you will not have a cooling off period and except for very narrow circumstances, you are bound to purchase the property even if, for example, the pest and building inspections are awful.