No Respect, No Relationship

What is No Respect, No Relationship?

For five years we have been speaking for free with local schools, community organisations and businesses about domestic violence and respectful relationships.

We know from our long history in family law and criminal law that promoting respectful relationships is a vital part of stopping the cycle of abusive relationships in our society.  We are only starting the conversation, but we want to encourage our audience to critically analyse the relationships around them, to identify disrespectful behaviour in their surroundings, and to ask themselves what they can do if they are confronted with this behaviour.

Our talks, what do they look like?

What does No Respect, No Relationship mean?  What are we actually trying to achieve with this initiative?

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In the media

Our talks reported on in the media.

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Primary Prevention v Secondary Prevention

What is primary prevention and why do we want to do it?

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Domestic Violence statistics

At the moment more than one woman a week is dying from domestic violence related homicides.  While the statistics are grim, domestic violence is about more than numbers.

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In summary

Domestic violence is a broad ranging issue that impacts people you know and care about. Respect is a useful tool for measuring relationships. We are available free of charge to speak with your group about the importance of respect, and how to identify it.

What is involved?

Our talks are free. Contact us and let us know how we can help your organisation. We have spoken with schools and community groups, we have spoken about how to identify bad relationships, how to help someone to get out of a bad relationship, and how effectively advocate for the victims of family violence. We tailor our talks to your needs.

Janis is a regular guest teacher at my pastoral care class at Christ College. She is a great one for bringing robust grittiness about a tough topic to an audience that can sometimes be naive. She never fails to engage with students in ways that are at once highly grounded and deeply Christian.

David Burke

Ministry & Practice Lecturer
Christ College


We were very happy with Janis’ presentation to our Year 9 and 10 students about domestic violence. She spoke with confidence and did well to get the message across to our students. Janis’ knowledge and passion for this issue was clear and we would love to have her come back again to share with our students.


Deputy Head of Senior School

Penrith Christian School


If you would like to speak to us about booking a free talk, or if you have more questions, please email Janis using the form below.