We have heard in the news this morning that unregistered vehicle fines in Queensland have jumped 25% since they removed the registration stickers, and the Queensland government has 'saved' $2.3 million since removing the stickers.  We are hearing similar stories in NSW of people driving unregistered because they didn't receive their paper reminder, or they did receive it but rego wasn't due for three weeks and in that time they simply forgot.



Sign up for the reminder service

Did you know that in NSW the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) has a service where they will text and email you to remind you to register.  If you sign up for the service, you’ll receive:


  • Email notification 10 days before your registration expires
  • SMS (text message) reminder two days before your registration expires, if you haven’t already renewed
  • SMS reminder on the day your registration expires, if you still haven’t renewed.

If you haven’t provided your mobile number, then relevant reminders are sent by email only.




I don't need it, I will just remember

We all think we will remember these things, but the problem is that the paper reminder comes 3-4 weeks prior to registration and so it is easy to put it onto your 'to do list' and then not return to it.  The fines for forgetting are high, over $2,000 if you are driving your own vehicle.  If you are driving your spouse's vehicle then you and your spouse could be fined.  Have a look at our article from last month explaining the fines.  Sign up for the reminder service today.



What can you do?

Check if the car that you are driving is registered before you drive it.  Click on the blue button to the right to go to the relevant part of the RMS web site.  Once you have checked, while you are online, register for the reminder services and tell all of your friends to do the same.  It is free, and you might save your friend thousands of dollars if they are having a busy or stressful month.



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