Have you recently reviewed your technology usage, the information that you are sharing online, or the latest scams that you might be targeted by?  Do you know how to be ‘cyber safe’.

More importantly, if you have children or teenagers in your house who have access to technology, do you know how to keep them safe on line?  The biggest problem with children and teenagers is that most of them believe that they know how to keep safe, though they have done no research on this themselves, and being children they are not as suspicious or cynical as their parents or adult relatives.



Children and teenagers are reliant on you to ask them or challenge them on this issue, but this is difficult because most parents or adult relatives know less about technology than their children.

The government has a website, www.thinkuknow.org.au that provides information to parents, or to children and youth, about keeping safe on line.


If you don’t enjoy searching for information through a website, there are facts sheets relevant to those technologies that you know your children use that you can print off and review with your child at www.thinkuknow.org.au/site/factsheets