We have had several clients in the last 12 months who had property that they were being forced to sell to a government body who only came to us after they had tried to negotiate with the Government. Just because the Government has a Valuation done in regard to your property doesn’t mean they are offering you as much as you are entitled to receive.

In one case the best offer made by the Local Council was $511,000.00 and within 12 months after the client came to see us, we negotiated an increased price of $2,421,000.00. In another case, the highest offer received by the clients before coming to see us was $1 million, whereas we negotiated a price of more than $3 million.

It is naive to assume that a Government body will offer you everything you are entitled to receive. If you have been approached by anyone wanting to purchase your property we recommend strongly that you seek independent legal advice as soon as possible.